The Valiant Way

Our Proven Processes

At VALIANT we recognize that with adequate planning, clear communication, well-defined responsibilities and goals, we can safely deliver projects that are on time, on budget and benefit all parties involved. We’ve defined critical phases of every project as Bid Well, Handoff Well, Start Well, Build Well, and Close Well. Together these processes create the VALIANT Way. Each process is a building block to completing a successful project, consisting of milestones and responsibilities.

Together we call these phases “The VALIANT Way”. Each phase works together and each depends on each other. Inside each phase of the The VALIANT Way is a defined set of milestones and responsibilities.

Bid Well

The goal of the Bid Well process is to successfully secure contract awards. The Preconstruction department works together to prepare and submit complete and thorough bids/proposals. During this process, VALIANT engages outside consultants, software utilizations, and subcontractor relationships.

Handoff Well

The Handoff Well is a seamless transitional phase led by the Preconstruction Team. The goal is to create a team dynamic amongst bid well and start well by effectively sharing bid/proposal details, changes, and expectations with the anticipated project team.

Start Well

On every VALIANT project our goal is to Start Well. In this phase our focus is on precise planning and preparation. We contract subcontractors and vendors, establish a detailed schedule, create a submittal register, and conduct regular reviews to ensure alignment. Mobilization preparations include organizing resources, equipment, and personnel for a seamless transition into the build phase.

Build Well

In the Build Well phase, we aim to streamline communication, documentation, and proactive issue resolution processes. Together, we prioritize maintaining thorough project records, establish regular communication channels, implement effective change and budget management practices, and develop a collective strategy to swiftly address any challenges that arise. It’s through our shared efforts and commitment that we ensure the success of our projects.

Close Well

In the Close Well phase, our team ensures exceptional project completion by confirming and documenting milestones with the project team. We conduct a final walk-through and punch list, complete CPARS documentation, obtain substantial completion letters, finalize billing, and conduct a project retrospective for lessons learned and improvements.

Core Values

  • Make yourself approachable
  • Seek to build & strengthen relationships
  • Show empathy; put yourself in other’s shoes
  • Disagree respectfully
  • Maintain a positive demeanor
  • Bring a solution when you bring a problem
  • Keep your commitments & if something changes, communicate the new plan right away
  • Praise in public & critique in private
  • Take time to solve problems at their root so that the issue goes away forever
  • Start with the end in mind, then map out your plan to get there
  • Take time to teach others instead of doing it for them
  • Be willing to sacrifice a battle here & there to win the war
  • Reflect upon, take ownership of, & learn from your mistakes
  • Embrace challenges & view them as an opportunity for self-improvement
  • Proactively try new things, learn new skills, & develop new talents
  • Seek constructive feedback, admit mistakes, & apologize when appropriate
  • Be a leader; take the high road
  • Show respect by following the processes everyone built together
  • We before me doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less
  • Share credit; emphasize team over self

Quality / ISO

VALIANT Construction LLC is dedicated to upholding a steadfast philosophy rooted in quality, integrity, excellence, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This dedication has earned us the esteemed recognition of being among the select few, representing less than 1% of North American construction companies, to attain the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 designation.

ISO certification stands as a pinnacle of comprehensive quality standards recognized globally. It demands rigorous adherence to predefined ISO standards across various critical domains including customer satisfaction, contract administration, management commitment and responsibility, quality systems, purchasing, as well as data and document control.

As an ISO-certified company, VALIANT can offer our clients the following benefits including:

  • Consistent job quality

  • Positive mindset for continuous improvement

  • Reliable documentation for activities, actions, issues, and decisions

  • Customer expectations and feedback development and identification

  • Tracking and awareness of training needs, while providing employees and management opportunities for evaluating training benefits

  • Customer and project communication technology

  • Consistent structure to project and office record-keeping

Our Leadership Team

Patrick Broderick
Patrick BroderickPresident/Founder
Patrick Broderick is President and founder of VALIANT Construction LLC, a Louisville, KY-based General Contractor, Design/Builder, and Program Manager. Since 2009, Valiant has become a leader in the federal market with over $200M in awarded contracts. Prior to founding VALIANT, Patrick held various positions as an US Army officer including key roles while deployed to Al Asad, Iraq.
Patrick is passionate about the construction industry and holds a West Virginia Certified General Contractor License. He has been a member of several industry associations such as the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), and Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).
Patrick holds a BS from Ball State University and MBA from Bellarmine University. His business leadership was recognized as he was selected for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Intensive Entrepreneurship Training at Babson College as well as Business First’s 40 Under 40.

Scott Smith
Scott SmithChief Operating Officer
Scott Smith has been a valued member of the VALIANT team since 2019, when he initially joined as a Senior Project Manager. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare construction, Scott now contributes to the team, wearing multiple hats as the Chief Operating Officer and interim Vice President of Preconstruction. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Louisville. Recognized as a member of ASHE and boasting an extensive safety background, Scott plays a pivotal role not only within the FACTS, Preconstruction, and Leadership Teams but across the entire company. Outside of the office, he enjoys quality time fishing with his two daughters, tending to his garden, and watching his favorite baseball teams…Go St. Louis Cards!
Chad VanMeter
Chad VanMeterVice President of Operations
Chad VanMeter, with over 20 years of extensive experience in construction management, currently serves as Vice President of Operations at VALIANT. Starting his journey with the company as a Senior Project Manager in 2020, Chad swiftly rose to his current role, showcasing his commitment to excellence and servant leadership. Within VALIANT, he fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, driving operational efficiency and empowering his team to achieve remarkable results. Chad holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Eastern Kentucky University, grounding his expertise in both practical experience and academic knowledge. Chad treasures spending time with his family, actively supporting his three daughters in their diverse interests, including horse shows, soccer tournaments, and taekwondo competitions. His dedication to both professional success and family values exemplifies his holistic approach to life and leadership.
Destiny McCreary
Destiny McCrearyHuman Resources Director
Destiny has been a valued member of the VALIANT team since 2018 when she initially joined the company as the Office Manager. With a solid educational background, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Louisville, Destiny has ascended to leadership within the organization. Currently spearheading the Human Resources Department, Destiny brings over 6+ years of experience. Her strategic prowess and adept interpersonal skills are instrumental in fostering a positive workplace culture and driving continuous growth. Beyond her professional role, Destiny is passionately involved in community engagement efforts, as she serves as a Board Member with Nativity Academy at St. Bonafice and sits as Chairman of the Human Resources Committee.

Our History & Accomplishments