Are you ready to build beyond with VALIANT?

At VALIANT, we recognize that subcontractors are critical to our operations and contribute to our success onsite. Our leadership and process driven approach sets our subcontractors up for success. We take pride in our integrity and transparency, and we value teamwork with a goal of building long term partnerships based on mutual respect, trust, and reliability.

Federal Past Performance

Core Competencies

  • Federal Prime Contractor & Construction Manager

  • Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build Delivery Methods

  • Extensive Healthcare Past Performance

  • Large Project Focus — $5M-20M

  • Target Market Extends Throughout the Midwest & Southeast


  • The VALIANT Way – Schedule Driven, Solutions Focused, & Proven Processes

  • $300M+ Completed Federal Contracts

  • 80% of Projects Completed in Occupied Functional Facilities

  • 15+ “Exceptional” CPARS Ratings

  • Established Subcontractor Relationships throughout Target Markets

  • $40M Single/$120M Aggregate Bonding Program with Zurich

  • In-House Virtual Design & Construction BIM Technology

Build Beyond as a Priority Subcontractor with VALIANT

VALIANT invites you to build beyond and join us in a special, mutually beneficial subcontractor / supplier partnership offered only to competitive bidders with proven capabilities, like you.

You will benefit from an enhanced position within VALIANT’s “Bid Well” bidding process and a level of support and feedback only available to our subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Subcontractors and suppliers will be granted award priority, even on low bid procurements – maximizing your margins while lowering your risk.
  • Subcontractors and suppliers may negotiate with VALIANT’s PM if within 10% of the apparent low.
  • Subcontractors and suppliers at their lowest bid will be granted the work-even if they are 2% higher than the apparent low bidder.


  • Low-Bid Negotiation and Preference
  • Accounts Payable Prioritization
  • Advanced Scheduling Input & Collaboration
  • Administrative and Submittal Assistance
  • Enhanced Post-bid & Relationship Feedback

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Are you ready to build beyond with VALIANT?

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