VA Medical Center: Fort Wayne, IN. – Upgrade IT Infrastructure

Project Location

Fort Wayne, IN



Agency / Customer

Department of Veterans Affairs


Project Description

The Fort Wayne VA Campus underwent a significant Information Technology (IT) infrastructure upgrade project. This endeavor aimed to address existing IT deficiencies and modernize systems across various buildings on the campus, encompassing Building 1, Building 1 Ambulatory Care Addition, and Buildings 2 through 6. From an architectural standpoint, this project involved improvements to building systems that support IT operations.

This encompassed upgrades to:

*Telecommunications cabling: Replacing outdated cabling with fiber optic or higher bandwidth copper cables to improve data transmission speeds and reliability.

*Network closets and equipment rooms: Renovating or expanding these spaces to accommodate new IT equipment and ensure proper environmental conditions (e.g., temperature control, power backup).

*Security systems: Upgrading physical security measures like access control systems and security cameras, as well as implementing enhanced cybersecurity protocols.