Army Corp of Engineers: Fort Gordon, GA – Renovate Snyder Dental Clinic

Project Location

Fort Gordon, GA



Agency / Customer

Department of The Army


Project Description

The newly renovated Snyder Dental Clinic, Building 25501, at Fort Gordon, Georgia, leaves one struck by the bright and welcoming atmosphere. The once outdated fire alarm and ceiling systems have been replaced with modern, streamlined designs, fostering a sense of safety and comfort. VALIANT, the prime contractor for this design-build project, cleverly navigated the challenge of working within an occupied space. Their meticulous planning ensured minimal disruption to patients while still achieving a complete transformation.

Beyond the technical upgrades, the project encompassed a thoughtful redesign of the public areas. New flooring, upgraded reception area, and modern storefront entry doors create a sense of professionalism and ease of access. The careful selection of window treatments, signage, and finishing touches adds a final layer of warmth and personality, making the Snyder Dental Clinic a more inviting space for both patients and staff.