Repair Facade

  • Location: Robley Rex VAMC, Louisville, KY
  • Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Project Value: $454,993
  • Completion Date: 11/2012

Repair Façade Phase I required restoration of the brick exterior of building 1 on the Robley Rex VAMC. This project required extensive rigging of swing stage scaffolding, mason frame scaffolding and boom lifts for access to the façade. Valiant furnished labor and materials and performed work for loose and cracked bricks, building stones and mortar joints, as well as rusted lintels, cap joints, spalled and stained brick and stone, sealant around windows, failed joint sealant, cracked and spalled window seals. Repairs were made using methods such as epoxy repair, tuck pointing, acid washing, caulking, painting and other standard industry. Work also included Parapet coping cap joints. Valiant utilized parapet hooks and clamps to achieve a tie off point capable of holding 5,000 lbs. When working outside the warning lines, Valiant employed 5/8 ropes and rope grabs. For Repair Façade Phase 1, a large majority of the drops were 100 feet in height with some drops ranging to 125 feet.

Valiant covered all exterior AHU intake vents with media filters. They set up a specific egress for the crew to clean off construction dust and debris from their person with compressed air and vacuums at the roof lines. Valiant also utilized sticky walk-off mats to combat dust intrusion before entering the hospital. Safety of the personnel and patients required utilizing walk-thru scaffolding, tented and lighted at the entrance ways and controlled access zones at all swing stage/boom scaffolds locations.