Construct Chilled Water Distribution System

  • Location: Robley Rex VAMC, Louisville, KY
  • Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Project Value: $2,368,163
  • Completion Date: 05/2012

The intent of the project was to obtain energy efficiency through the replacement of the existing primary-secondary system with a variable flow means. To achieve this, Valiant reconfigured the existing chilled water distribution system which included general upgrading of certain electrical and mechanical system components such as controls, motors, variable speed drives and pumps. Multiple disciplines, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, were necessary to accomplish this work.

Safety barriers were used to secure work areas and stringent infection control measures were implemented. Valiant worked closely with the Facility’s Infection Control staff to ensure all infection control requirements were met. In order to limit disruptions to the facility staff and patients, much of the work was conducted at night and on weekends.

Concrete pads were installed to elevate and support the equipment. Much of the new mechanical equipment (such as mechanical piping weighing several tons) was inserted into the Medical Center via crane. This work was very closely coordinated with the VA and project engineer.

Although Valiant made adjustments and was on target to meet the original schedule, the project was ultimately extended due to unforeseen conditions. The system shutdown was delayed jeopardizing mandatory online Spring due date. A modified and compressed schedule was created and maintained by working additional shifts.

Asbestos contained in and around existing steel pipes was abated prior to removal of the pipes and in accordance with project specifications. Air monitoring and clearance activities were performed to meet all applicable standards.