Founded in 2009 by Patrick Broderick, Valiant Construction has become one of the premier Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business general contracting firms in the region. As a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a proud Army officer, Patrick knows the value of strong leadership, commitment and getting the job done. The first indication of a committed team leader is evident through their ability to assemble the proper team members. Patrick has carefully assembled a team of healthcare construction professionals that bring with them distinguished reputations for outstanding performance; who share his commitment to provide the highest quality construction services and who share his philosophy of honesty and straightforwardness. With clear direction and goals, Valiant has become a leader in the region with over $90 million in awarded contracts. Our emphasis has been on the healthcare sector within the federal contracting arena with additional diversified work contracted through several Fortune 500 companies.

Valiant’s philosophy, leadership, management policies and procedures and valued team of professionals is key to our continued success.

Choosing Valiant

Valiant aims to emulate the principles of equality, fairness, and honesty. We are setting a new standard in the construction industry that encompasses full visibility of our work, a strong belief in doing what is right, and creating a company culture that produces and nurtures committed individuals who are passionate about delivering results. Our principles have allowed us to attract strong, experienced subcontractors and vendors and in turn, provide the best possible team for our clients. Valiant excels in project management – a cornerstone of our company. We rely on the powerful combination of our people; a mixture of youthful exuberance and seasoned wisdom which enables us to deliver exceptional results. Our clear understanding and definition of our niche as a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in Federal Contracting, with an emphasis in Healthcare construction, we are able to focus on becoming the best in our sector of the construction industry. The Valiant Team will construct with an eye for safety and a commitment to quality.

Safety and Infection Control

Safety is at the forefront of everything that Valiant does. As prevention is key to a safe work environment, we believe in taking measures even before arriving on a job site. All Valiant project management is 30-hour OSHA certified, ASHE certified and have passed the U.S. Corps of Engineers QA/QC training. In addition to OSHA 10- hour certification, all field employees have comprehensive safety and infection control training. Valiant is acutely aware of the sensitive environments in which we work, and we rigorously enforce all safety, security, and infection control requirements.


Communication is an essential building block to a successful partnership and project. Valiant recognizes this and facilitates communication on every project by remaining accessible and responsive. We understand that getting a job done right includes navigating a job successfully through any obstacles. Our Project Managers, Superintendents as well as our Executive Staff, are ready and willing to find resolutions to any issues. Written processes and procedures provide structure for conflict resolution, documentation, contract compliance and ensure consistency company-wide.